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Slate/Schist quarry Norway

Slate/Schist dimension stone quarry Flooring/Facade/Roof 



Snåsa Slate quarry is located in-midst of the famous Offerdal Slate Resource. 

Active quarry with all minig permits in place for a quantity of 400.000cbm = 1 Million tons - Extraction area of 5,5 Hectar

Extendable anytime up to 5 times the quantity at reasonable extra costs.

Logistic: close and easy Accessoires to ports and to ship abroad.  

This slate/schist Material is very well know in the international Market for excellent quality.

Sales Price                                            €  1,49 M  Euro

Optional: English/Norwegian management team with local personal available.


Marble quarry Italy - two colors

Marble quarry in Verona Area - Northern Italy

REF IT-052021

Dimension stone and aggregate production possible


Two famous marble colors in one quarry:

Rosso Verona and Giallo Reale 

Quarry is located 25km from Verona city.

20.000sqm quarry land with all extraction and environmental permits + 10.000 sqm production area land for crushing and screening plants or stocking yard for blocks adjacent to quarry included.

Reserves still to quarry: more than 360.000cbm 

Geological reports and relevant permissions in place and available.

Current Status: dormant

​​Italian limited liability company debth free and in good standing included in the sale.


Sales price:     EUR  € 1,10 M



Basalt/Granite quarry - Two Harbours MN, REF200811  

  • Project is 40 acres purchased over 40 years ago to develop for the production of aggregates and dimensional stone. A mining permit was acquired and site prep completed and some aggregates removed in the process, but never full production.

  • Close to the US highway, rail, port of Duluth superior, site prep completed, previous mining permit, seller is motivated.

  • Official geological report and test reports on the rock available


Status : early exploration- mining license expired 

Reason for sale:  Age of current owner

Limestone aggregate quarry

Limestone quarry in East Poland 

REF POL-01992021

Quarry is not located in a Natura 2000 Zone and was operated sporadically over the last 10 years and therefore virgin.

9,3 Hectars (477 acres) mining and extraction license valid until 2039 (extendable) entire land privately owned .

Excellent logistics with access to rail and road network. 

Resource:  4.698.624 metric tons.

Applications : Construction, Agriculture, Fertiliser, Chemical industry and quicklime production.  


All geological reports and relevant licenses and permissions in place and available.

Current Status: dormant since 2018.

​​Polish limited liability company debthfree and in good standing included in the sale.


Sales price:     EUR  € 4,90 M

Optional 7,0 Hectare industrial property with former brick factory (1,6 Ha)  for future  production facility. Natural-Gas-Pipeline 40                                                         € 349.000 Euro 

Bianco Sivec marble quarry
Screenshot 2021-03-23 at 19.15.12.png

Bianco Sivec Marble North Macedonia 

REF MC-032021

Aggregate and dimension stone quarry.

Total quarry land 30 Hectars from which 6,5 Hectars has a mining and extraction license valid until 2030 (extendable).

​Active operation currently serving local road and construction industry. No use of heavy explosives so far.

Resource: 7 Million cbm = aprox 20 Million metric tons 

Applications : Construction aggregate and dimension stone.

All geological reports, testing reports and relevant licenses and permissions in place and available.

Current Status: currently producing on small scale.

Comes fully equipped:  3 excavators - truck scale, compressors - crushers - when loader, buildings, office etc..

Sales price:     EUR  € 2,90 M

Limestone Deposit EU
Lone Pine Canyon Limestone/Dolomite CA


Limestone and Dolomite deposit, location close to BNSF and Union Pacific railways and highways 138 and I15

  • Aggregates quarry - 430 acres permitted

  • Total est. reserves 268 M tons 

  • Official geological report available

Status : Dormant -  valid mining rights are vested and never expire.

No equipment or buildings included in sale.

Asking price  $ 11,0 M   USD

Limestone quarry in Estonia / Tallinn area


Virgin resource with expert valuation 

Valid extraction permit for an area of 14.89 Hectars plus servicing area. Total quarry area 17 Hectars.

Chemical analysis : CaO content 44.7%, MgO 4.9%, SiO2 6.7% and insoluble residue 9.0%.


Resources:  45.000 m3 (construction gravel) plus an active consumption supply and production stock of 1.429.000 m3 (construction limestone).


Geological reports and all relevant licenses permissions and certificates in place and available.

Current status : dormant and not active. 

The mineral resources located in this region are of vital necessity in order to build the planned RailBaltica route.

Sales price $  3,29 M   USD 

Bent River Sand and Gravel quarry, NC, USA

Bent River Sand and Gravel quarry Lewiston Woodville, REF200619   

  • 218.88 permitted acres / 207.78 affected acres 

  • 2010 report estimating recoverable sand & gravel "on site" at 7.553 m tons minus 466 k ton of concrete sand and 127 k ton of ston

  • Total est. reserves 15 m tons

  • Official geological report available 

Status : active/producing - valid mining license 

Reason for sale:  Age of current owner

B&B Aggregates - Two Harbours, MN
united-states-of-america-flag-3d-round-m two harbours MN.jpg

Asking price  $ 1.20 M  USD

Operational basalt quarry - Harrison ID

Basalt quarry Harrison ID - REF210305

We have a 12.95 acres basalt aggregates quarry for sale.

There are 3,5million pounds of reserves and the quarry is permitted until 2024.

Quarry is operational and can permit can be renewed if required.


It is located in Harrison ID along Hwy 97, approx 1 mile east.

Could be potentially used for residential. From the property you have beautiful views on the Lake Harrison Slough.

Sales price €  $699,000 USD including equipment.

Sand and Gravel in La Grange CA

Sand and Gravel in La Grange CA


  • 250 acres permitted

  • The site has previously been set up as a pit run operation with a wash permit that allows for onsite washing and crushing as needed.

  • Total est. reserves 30M cubic yards

  • Official geological report available

Status : dormant - valid mining license/ permit 250,000 - 1M cubic yards a year  

No equipment or buildings included in sale.

Asking price  $ 1,9M   USD

plus royalties.

map view of property.png
Limestone Quarry on the Mississippi River
Pure white limestone quarry Bulgaria

Two-color dimensional limestone quarry - Bulgaria


Cremebeige color similar to Crema Marfil / Botticino

and pure white color limestone. 

30 hectares quarry land privately owned  

Valid extraction permit currently for 11 hectares

Resources available :  1.600.000 m3 


Geological reports, Testing reports EN/DIN and all relevant licenses on hand and available 

Current status : Fully active and operational. Quarry professionally developed and operated.   

All mining permissions and certificates in place.

Also included in sales price: 

Wheel loader Volvo, Escavator Volvo, Dumper truck Volvo, Ford Ranger pick-up, 5 pcs wire cutting machines - Peledrini, 2ppcs Dazzini, Drilling machine, 55 kW compressor + receiver, 300 kW diesel generator, Fantini chainsaw with two blades - 3,4 m & 5,7 m,

and a lot more 

Sales price €  2.9 M   EURO 

Limestone Cape Quarry on the Mississippi River MO - 450 acres 500M tons - REF200727

Sales price : $12,000,000 equity partner or debt investment 

location and overview.png
Naugart Sand and Gravel Wasau WI

Naugart Sand and Gravel pit

Wasau WI - REF191102

100 acres - 4,6M tons reserves

Status : dormant - no valid mining license 

Asking price  $ 3,50 M  USD or with a royalty agreement

Gypsum quarry + production unit

High purity Gypsum quarry + production unit Spain 


This 350 Hectare Quarry was closed in 2019 due to successor issues, since then dormant and now for sale. 

Professionally developed quarry can be reactivated immediately. Quarry and Production fully operational.

Mining license valid until 2026 extendable until 2056.

Gypsum with 96 % purity - 2,3to/cbm 


Resources still available : 

19.0 Million cbm = 43.7 Million Metric tons 

Included in sales price :

  • Quarry 350 hectares incl. all licences 

  • Spanish company S.L. in good standing

  • Gypsum production unit fully equipped and operational (2 furnaces =150tons/day)

  • Sagging plant fully operational

  • Offices , Buildings and Equipment

 Optional German management team available 

Sales price   €  4.9 M  EURO 


Disused/abandoned red Sandstone quarry 


This 2 ha Quarry was closed in the mid seventies and never opened ever since.

Quarry area is embedded in forest- and meadowland of total 4,2 ha. 

Ideally located:

90km to FRA airport - 130km to Stuttgart - 300km to MUC airport - 280km to Cologne - 10km to motorway exit A3 - next neighbor 3km. 

Natural spring water source on quarry land. 

WIWO Sales price €  980.000 EURO 

Abandoned Sandstone quarry
Bluestone quarry - Spain

Bluestone quarry with 4 colors separated by different color streams.

Blue grey 50% - Black 20 % - White 15 % - Red color 15%


REF 2020-VM-2403    

Location : South of Spain  - short distance to seaports

For sale  : 

  • high quality marble (status dormant) quarry area approx. 55 hectares owned land

  • mining license in place for 18 years to be extended until year 2086.

Also included in sales price is the Spanish company (S.L) in good standing holding all permissions and certificates to restart operation.

Favourable location with lots of local and EU subsidies for investors. 

Sales price   €  3.29 M  EURO 


Blue Schist-Gneiss quarry WI

Blue Schist-Gneiss quarry WI REF200715

A unique Blue Schist, with Gneissic characteristics, a very hard material can be used for all types of applications, interior and exterior dimension application.
Tertiary material can be used in aggregates application.


Quarry site 50 acres

Status : active/producing - valid mining license never expire 

Sales price  $ 4,9 M  USD 

Jade - Nephrite deposit WI - REF200108

Jade - Nephrite deposit WI - REF200108

High grade Nephrite - Jade deposit in Wisconsin. Extraction is ongoing with a high demand. Needs financing. They are agreements for supply in place and LOI with developer.

Location: Wasau WI

Quarry site 50 acres ,several areas can be extracted, 1 of the parcels is under extraction

Status : active/producing - valid mining license never expire 

Sales price  $ 4,9 M  USD 

White Hat 240ac Dolomite mine CA

White Hat 240ac Dolomite mine CA - REF 200717

High Quality Chemical Grade DOLOMITE.


Greenfield deposit - 240 acres High Quality Chemical Grade DOLOMITE Bulk Density: 2.84 g/cm3 Specific Gravity: 2.82 - 2.85 Hardness: 3.5-4.0

Proven and Measured Reserves: 40 - 60 Million tons

Classification : aggregates quarry - dolomite industrial grade

Location: San Bernardino County CA

Quarry site : aproxx. 240acres, permitted for 11,5 acres to start operations, expansion is possible.  


Geological reports completed by a regional geologist available 

Status : dormant - valid mining license  

Equipment, buildings accessories includes in sales price.

Austria - Sandstone stone quarry

Active and fully licensed in favourable location  

September 2019 


Anthrazit grey sandstone with over 60% quartzite content and 245 MPa compressive strength makes this sandstone extraordinary and unique worldwide

Almost 4ha licensed quarry - quarry life 25 years 

Suitable for excellent dimension stone or aggregate. 

Geological reports and all operation lisenses on hand


Quarry machinery and production equipment for landscaping products  included in sales price.

Also included is the Austrian company in good standing holding all permissions and licenses and a huge customer base. 

Asking price      $ 1.6 M  EURO


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